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On the properties and features of Microcemento®
What are the technical properties of MICROCEMENTO ?

Microcemento® is a polymeric, cement-based covering 2 mm thick. You can find more technical specifications in the Product section on this website.

Can MICROCEMENTO be applied over glazed tiles?

Due to its great adhesion, it can be applied on virtually any type of surface, including non-porous ones such as glazed tiles. As existing material doesn’t need to be removed, spaces can be renovated readily saving time and money.

Can MICROCEMENTO be applied on stairways?

Yes. Microcemento® can be applied on stairways without inconvenience. The product is so versatile that it can even be applied on furniture. On stairways, it is convenient to allow for a metallic corner bead either inserted into the cement base mortar or applied externally as a decorative trim

Can MICROCEMENTO be applied on wooden and parquet flooring?

Wooden floors are not rigid enough and contain a great number of mobile joints. Therefore, they are not suitable for the application of Microcemento®. In such cases, the existing flooring needs to be removed prior to application of the product.

Can MICROCEMENTO be applied on plaster or Pladur?

Yes. Surfaces finished with plaster or Pladur are especially suitable for application ofMicrocemento®, for they even reduce application time.

Can different colors be used on the same surface?

Absolutely. Unlike most floor and wall coverings, Microcemento® is completely customizable. The material enables you to choose the color to be used on the surface as well as creating the desired shapes and designs. With Microcemento® you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating a color combination suitable for a wall or floor.

Can logos be inserted when applying MICROCEMENTO ?

Yes. Microcemento® allows you to create any color combination to be applied on a surface and, at the same time, insert drawings, logos, text, moldings or whatever you may prefer. With Microcemento® there are no limits to fitting any design type on a given surface.

Is floor originality guaranteed with MICROCEMENTO ?

The manual application of Microcemento® renders surface texture unique. As with other noble materials such as wood or marble, a floor covered with Microcemento® will always be one of a kind.

How many colors is MICROCEMENTO available in?

Microcemento® is readily available in 35 basic colors which make up our catalog. Despite the wide range of colors, it is also possible to make new ones to order in case the construction work requires a specific tone. Contact us to study the possibility of generating new colors according to the characteristics of your construction work.

On the application of Microcemento®
How is MICROCEMENTO applied?

Microcemento® is applied in a traditional manner, by hand and trowel. Since it is not necessary to use heavy or large machinery, the product is suitable for application in any type of construction works, including inhabited homes and elevated work.

Are you the ones in charge of preparing the floor on which MICROCEMENTO will be applied?

Microcemento® is applied in a traditional manner, by hand and trowel. Since it is not necessary to use heavy or large machinery, the product is suitable for application in any type of construction works, including inhabited homes and elevated work.

What if the surface to be covered by MICROCEMENTO is moist?

Microcemento® is impermeable on the unexposed side, which makes it suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, even shower cubicles or bathtubs. It doesn’t have, however, impermeabilizing properties, so the surface on which it will be applied needs to be completely dry to prevent moisture from arising later.

Can MICROCEMENTO be applied on a deteriorated paved surface without removing it?

Yes. Microcemento® is especially suitable for this type of works and, therefore, there is no need to remove the base. Being just 2 mm thick, it does not alter floor height significantly or make it necessary to reduce door size.

As to remodeling works, what treatment must existing surfaces undergo before application of MICROCEMENTO ?

In general, proper cleaning before direct application is enough – no matter the surface. If holes have been made for installations, you will simple need to fill them up with cement mortar. In the latter case, it is advisable to use special expansive mortar for repairs.

In new construction works, what is the most suitable material to be used if MICROCEMENTO wants to be applied later on?

Since the product can adhere to any surface, it is only required that the surface be rigid, flat and free of cracks. Thus, the base might just as well be a screed mortar or one with a swirled texture. In many cases, for practical reasons, even a very low-cost ceramic covering can be used as the base.

How long should be allowed before opening to foot traffic?

One of the greatest advantages of Microcemento® is quick application: the surface covered can be opened to foot traffic one day after the work has been finished.

On maintenance of Microcemento®
How is maintenance of MICROCEMENTO to be carried out? How often? What products should be used ?

Decomento carries out applications all over Spain. The expert team which applies the product in Catalonia can travel to other regions to provide the service ensuring the same quality. If you are interested in applying Microcemento® outside Catalonia, contact us to assess feasibility. See all available stores.

Are there any recommendations for heavy-traffic surfaces?

Due to its resistance and durability, Microcemento® is ideal for heavy-traffic surfaces. However, basic maintenance is recommended by cleaning with water and neutral soap and using water-diluted self-shine wax.

Doesn’t the fact that MICROCEMENTO does not require joints increase the risk of cracking

Absolutely not. Microcemento®’s thinness and high adhesion strength prevent it from cracking in any circumstance. Cracks may arise only if the base undergoes any settlement motion or significant dilatation.