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Fitting mechanism and techniques,

Before starting to install the product, we must check that the substrate is right to avoid any problems. The surface must be free of moisture/damps, must be firm and without any fissures or cracks. If those deficiencies are taken place, this has to be fixed beforehand. Once everything is repaired, any dust or grease left behind must be removed to avoid any inconveniences.

The installation process consists of 6 steps:

Elastic + Mesh + Elastic
Special Fix
PorcelanicMicrocement: Classic, Concrete, Transit, Urban or any other
Protection: Primer + Lacquer

Sealer C

Sealer C (concentrate primer): It is a Hardener and sealing surface ready to use. Improves adhesion on smooth concrete, mortars, tiles, porcelain, wood, paints and plaster gypsum. Apply on all pores substrate to regulate the level of absorbing substrate to avoid dehydration of any product.
Before applying, make sure the substrate is clean, firm and that any pores are opened.

Sealer P

Sealer P (ready to use sticky primer): It is a sealer to promote the work ability. It can also be used on slippery substrates such as tiles, glass, aluminium, wood and steel.
Before applying, make sure the substrate is clean and firm. Apply a thick coat with a roller and let it dry for about 1 hour.


Elastic Cement mortar bi-component, very flexible and waterproof.
Apply two layers, the first one with a roller and the second one with a trowel. For floors, it’s recommended to put fibre mesh between both coats. Apply this product on the substrate to prevent damps, leaks and fissures to the microcement.

Special fix

Special fix is suitable to repair irregular substrate such as filling cracks, holes and joints. It can also be used for tiling large pieces placed indoors or outdoors which makes it very flexible and excellent bounding with no cracks.


Base is mainly used on floors. It is suitable for surfaces such as concrete, cement, granite, tiles, natural stones and wood.


Classic is an extremely thin coat which is Eco Porcelanic Micro cement with high adhesion, very resistant, flexible, high resistance to abrasion and does not contain any toxic components. It is suitable for residential, industrial and hospitality areas.


Primer is suitable and necessary to prevent aggression produced by Lacquer.


Lacquer is a Water base lacquer bi-component product, which protects interior and exterior walls, floors, baths, and showers. It is high resistant to the abrasion and it’s also waterproof.


Any pigment is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. it’s also stable to ultraviolet rays and can be applied to facades, swimming pools and terraces.